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Thursday, March 1, 2018

How An Ethical Hacker Is Different From A Hacker?

Everyone in their childhood thought of becoming a hacker or ever came across such a thought. Have
you watched that American drama thriller television series "Mr. Robot" where Eliot, the hacker guy hacks into the corporation. If not that, then you probably have watched that movie "Live free or die hard" where a hacker tries to hack into the government. You must have ever thought of doing the same stuff, I bet. The latter was a hacker, a bad one.

Difference between a hacker and an ethical hacker
But do you know what an ethically good hacker is? We use a terminology to identify such a person by adding  "ethical" to "hacker" term. Ethical hacker and a hacker differ in their meaning and working by a minor difference. I have tried to show you some key difference between the two.

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Difference between a Hacker and an Ethical Hacker?

1. Permission

An ethical hacker has the permission from the system owner to carry out his attack against the system to test the security of the organization. Without a permission, you are guilty of any number of crime. Operating without permission is unethical.

2. Contract

An ethical hacker works under a contract which describes the limit for the hacker and the expectations from him. The contract is created based on the requirement of the client and mutual understanding of the ethical hacker. The activities related to confidentiality will be be mentioned in the contract. Operating without a contract is illegal. An Ethical Hacker must keep the information gained in hiss professional work private. He is not supposed to collect, give, sell or transfer any personal information to any 3rd party.

To know what happens after a hack has been performed The aftermath of a hack

Types of hacker

Mainly there are three types of hackers:

White hat hacker (Ethical hackers or Pentesters)

These are the good guys. They work for the good guys and perform the similar types of attack but considering a code of ethics.  The most popular certification to start your career in this field is to attain CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification from the EC-Council.

Black hat hacker (Crackers)

These are the bad guys with or without any agenda. These are those about whom you hear in the news. All the money stealing activities online can be assumed to be under their involvement.

Gray hat hacker

These hackers straddle the line between good and bad hackers. They may become offensive or also swap over to the defensive side. Still, they can't be fully trusted.

With time, new categories of hackers have been explored. I will discuss some of them, not all:

Script Kiddies

These are just the beginners, with no experience. They have limited or no training and may not be aware of the things they are doing. They don't care about hacking.  They are just trying out their tricks.

Suicide Hackers

These are the most dangerous ones. Their only aim is to knock out the target, to prove something, maybe. As the name suggests, they are not worried about getting caught or getting into prison.

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