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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Why should you move to cloud?

Cloud is the accumulation of water droplets in the sky, where we have our mechanism set in place to store data. So this is the cloud in short. Come on man! do you seriously believe this? I was kidding. Cloud computing is one of the recent trends in technology. The whole world is moving towards the cloud. There is no reason for you to not join too. Infact, It is believed that by the end of 2020, more than 25% of all applications will be available on the cloud. 

Before advancing, I must familiarize you with a term resource. Here, the resources include: 
  1. Storage
  2. Processing
  3. Bandwith
  4. Account, etc
Cloud computing enables its users to access on-demand from anywhere and at anytime to a shared pool of resources


  1. Google Doc
  2. Gmail
  3. Dropbox
  4. Google drive

By cloud, what we mean is that it is a large combination of computer servers or resources that are shown to the user acting as one, instead of a collection of many resources. Do you know, you are already a user of the cloud if you use Gmail. When you back up your data on WhatsApp, that is also an example of the cloud.

Just with property deals "Renting an apartment is better than Buying one". The same case is here. You don't need to spend unnecessary money on buying a 2 TB HDD when your need is less. Instead, you can use a lesser amount for the same storage amount on the cloud (example: Dropbox). Smart! isn't it. Now you won't need to worry about maintenance or security, as it will be covered by the cloud service provider. All you need to do is to pay for your use and enjoy.

Difference between cloud storage and cloud computing?

Cloud storage is the storing of data on certain location while cloud computing is running applications using a desktop over an internet connection. However, the way of use may vary.

Why are we moving towards the cloud?

We will be discussing some of the main reason for shifting up to cloud. The points mentioned below are the major reasons but not the only ones.

1. On-demand self-service

By on-demand, we mean that you can access the server or the resources (e.g. Your data) whenever you want, without any need for human interaction. All you need will be an internet connection along with a browser to access the resource, just like you access the google drive online, by entering your credentials.

2. Broad Network Access

The term 'Broad Network Access' refers to the availability of the user resources over a network and ability to access these resources from any device (like a laptop, mobile, etc).

3. Metered Service

Instead of normal physical services, where a broker is involved who takes his commision, there is a transparency in cloud computing between the client and the host. A user can access the resources and can pay based on the usage or the time for usage.

4. Rapid Elasticity

This is one of my favourite characteristic of the cloud. We can scale up or scale down resources based on the requirement of the user. As such, for the client, it seems like there are unlimited resources. But at the back end, there is a cluster of such resources joined together which is in fact, black box for the client.

5. Resource pooling

Resource pooling utilizes the concept of multi-tenancy, where it serves multiple consumers using a model with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned and re-assigned as per consumer demands.

Some other important characteristics of the cloud that make it a good choice are:

1. Geographic distribution
2. Low-cost Software
3. Advanced Security
4. No special Hardware requirement
5. Maintenance is done by service providers

We will soon come up content similar to above topic. So stay connected.